January 22, 2019
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How to Fix ActiveX Control Errors?

If your PC is having Active X problems, it is then demonstrating symptoms of a bloated and corrupt Windows Registry that requires cleaning and optimization immediately.

The Windows Registry is a crucial part that governs the operation of of any Windows operating system. Without a clean and well organized registry, your Windows system is vulnerable to corruption, freezing, crashing, and Active X Control problems.

ActiveX problems can be detected and repaired by professional Windows Registry optimization software like RegistryBooster that uses Advanced Error Detection Technology (AEDT). RegistryBooster automatically identifies missing, corrupt, or invalid Registry entries that cause Activex control problems and dramatically enhances the performance and stability of your PC.

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Designed for Windows 7 (including 64-bit support), Windows Vista & XP
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Having PC Errors? You are not alone!

Has your PC become error laden and prone to crash over time? Are you frustrated with your computer’s sluggish performance and decreased speed? You have probably tried everything, including keeping your Windows installation up to date with the latest patches, fixes and updates, adding more memory, installing larger and faster hard drives, and even upgrading to Windows Vista. But nothing seemed to prevent your PC from displaying the classic signs of poor performance and errors, including:

Slow Windows startup
EXE and DLL errors
Slow application launches
Runtime errors
Windows freezes or crashes
Java or Javascript errors
Internet Explorer errors
Chkdsk errors
Installer/Uninstaller errors
Hardware driver errors
ActiveX Control errors
Task Manager errors
Virtual Memory errors
System32 errors

The risks of neglecting these errors are many. A neglected system can result in more severe fatal errors, hard drive failures, and even an unrecoverable system crash. Worst of all, you run the risk of losing all of your personal data, important files and precious digital photos when the only way to recover your PC is a complete system restore.

Why risk it all? Almost all of these common PC errors are detectable, fixable and preventable with the right toolkit, like RegistryBooster, a proven and trustworthy PC repair and optimization tool that is compatible and certified with both Windows XP and Vista.

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Designed for Windows 7 (including 64-bit support), Windows Vista & XP
Click to download RegistryBooster.
Diagnose PC Errors with RegistryBooster

The majority of common Windows errors are caused by issues with the Windows Registry. The Windows Registry is a single database that stores the settings and options for the Windows operating system itself, all of the hardware contained on the system, all software applications, all user account settings and preferences and more.

Almost every operation in Windows requires read or write access to the Windows Registry.  Just a few of the operations that interact with the Window registry are: installations and uninstalls, adding or removing hardware, updating device drivers, opening and closing applications, moving and resizing Windows, and modifying user account settings. Many Windows applications also use the Registry as a simple alternative to an external database.

Because the Windows Registry is the most frequently accessed component of the entire Windows operating system, it is prone to damage if not maintained properly and frequently. If your PC is suffering from stability or performance issues, the root causes may lie with the Windows Registry. Some of the problems Windows Registry experiences include:

A bloated Registry filled with empty or orphaned registry keys.
A fragmented Registry caused by frequent read and write accesses.
Erroneous data left by incomplete installations or uninstalls.
A single point of failure as a centralized database.
Registry size exceeds the Registry Size Limit (RSL) defined by Windows

Computer technicians and IT professionals have many secrets, and one of the most closely guarded is the importance of the Windows registry. Learning to diagnose and repair common Windows registry problems can keep your PC running smoothly for many years. A complete scan of the Registry can provide an accurate diagnosis of your Windows operating system, including the following parts:

Checks the COM/ActiveX section for invalid CLSID/Typelib/Interface entries
Checks the Uninstall Entries section for invalid or missing uninstaller
Checks the Font section for missing font files
Checks the Shared DLL section for invalid or conflict entries
Checks the Application Paths for invalid disk directories
Checks the Run section of for missing program entries for Windows Startup
Checks File/Path references for non-existing files, folders, and shortcuts
Checks the File Association section for invalid file extension associations
Identify empty Registry Keys for defragmentation

The good news for you is that you can actually download RegistryBooster, the exact same software used by professional computer technicians, to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of your computer and its vital registry file for FREE.

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Designed for Windows 7 (including 64-bit support), Windows Vista & XP
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Fix PC Errors with RegistryBooster

The best solution to fix common PC errors is to maintain a clean and optimized Windows Registry. Regular Registry maintenance can eliminate empty and orphaned registry entries, correct corrupt and erroneous entries, and defragment the registry database. As a result, your Windows Registry will contain nothing else but what it needs for speedy and proper operation. Keeping the Registry clean and compact allows your computer to always deliver its peak performance without error.

Registry cleaning and optimization can be conducted manually by IT professionals and advanced computer users. Nevertheless, if you are an average PC user, we recommend you do NOT to edit your Windows Registry manually, as the complexity of such task and the risks of mishandling Windows Registry cleaning are great.

Instead, we suggest that computer owners use a reputable and trustworthy Registry cleaning and optimization software like RegistryBooster, a sophisticated yet easy to use software tool trusted by tens of thousands of professional computer technicians for the following reasons:

Detects and removes over 98.5% of most common PC errors
Improves PC speed by over 50%
Speeds up Windows startup and application launch time
Reduces virtual memory usage and increase CPU performance
Improves both Internet browsing and download speed by as much as 200%
Safest approach to Registry maintenance with backup and restore functions
Easy to use workflow and user friendly interface
Automatic scan and fix with built in scheduler
Gives you total control of what programs run when Windows starts up

Get a free download of RegistryBooster to fix Windows errors and optimize your PC now. Start experiencing a clean and fast PC and error free computing, just like having a brand new PC.

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Designed for Windows 7 (including 64-bit support), Windows Vista & XP
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Recommended solution - RegistryBooster

Brought to you by PCPerformanceClinic.com, RegistryBooster was developed by Uniblue, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an acclaimed leader, who has been providing safe and optimized computing experience to millions of PC users via its award-winning software solutions. Equipped with the most sophisticated PC error repair and optimization technology available on the market, RegistryBooster is easy to download, install and use because it was designed and developed for average PC users just like you.

Downloaded by over 500,000 users EVERY week
One-click PC error repair and optimization
Designed for all versions of Windows including Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and ME
Works for both desktop PC and laptops
Compatible with both AMD and Intel CPU
Super small installer with only 1MB (downloaded in 15 sec)
24X7 FREE customer support

Why wait and leave your PC at risk? You too can enjoy an error-free and super fast PC with RegistryBooster in just two minutes. Download RegistryBooster, fix PC errors and optimize your PC today!

Click to download RegistryBooster.
Designed for Windows 7 (including 64-bit support), Windows Vista & XP
Click to download RegistryBooster.
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