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Windows —>>> Macs

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Almost half a dozen developers were eagerly waiting for Macs at work at Simply RFiD. The reliability and power are some of the factors which attracted these developers towards Apple machines. On the other hand Simply RFiD decided to switch over to Mac Pros to be used by its developers specially for Windows computers. The president Carl Brown of Simply RFiD declared that, ‘the company was small and in position to deal with tech support issues’. He stated that the company used Windows only because they were the developers for Windows. According to CIO reports Macs had gained a lot of popularity not only amongst the creative designers but also amongst the IT pros out there in the market. It is known that almost every techie out there prefers a technology oriented devise. This is the reason why most of them prefer working on Macs. On the other hand for most of the techies Microsoft’s vista operating system has been a compromise over quality and lacked innovation.

In the recent years, Macs had made substantial developments specially after its collaboration with the Intel platform. Apples stride towards Intel platform has been followed by developments such as software as a service and desktop virtualization. Thus, the corporate door has been wide opened after such developments. It was last year when Yankee Group surveyed more than 800 IT executives and found that about 80% were using Macs. This was a substantial leap especially after the same amount was not more than 47% in 2006. According to experts, five years ago Macs was not feasible as there were a lot of Windows applications which has to be run on a PC. It was noted that most of the Macs enthusiasts cam from the sales and creative ranks of an enterprise such as the marketing department. This was the same for Simply RFiD where the .Net developers were using the VMware virtualization machine for Visual Studio. This was primarily based upon the Mac Pro one of the fastest and most stable platforms used by the programmers. The developers stated that VMware performed much better on a Mac Pro when compared with Windows.

Not only can the developers easily switch over to Mac OS but also quick open iChat videoconferencing or move through various tabs and internet services used by RFiD. Macs has come out to be one of the best when it comes to interaction with internet based services. While Macs has gained a lot of popularity amongst the RFiD engineers, it is also in a lot of demand amongst other IT pros. The strongest reason for this demand is the stable and reputable hardware which comes along a promise of technological innovation on the part of Apple. The Mac OS X, being a Unix based platform meant that the developers will be provided with utmost simplicity while working. Some of the developers also tried running a Vista Machine with an Apple monitor. It was revealed that although there were several annoying prompts, the system was smooth to work on.

AMD contemplates spin-off chip manufacturing

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Advanced Micro Devices Inc or AMD which is a leading company in manufacturing chips in the industry has said that it has finally got enough votes from the stockholders in the favor of spinning of the chip manufacturing operation of the company and also to approve the plan, after their initial attempt failed during the last week which was due to the lack of quorum.

The approval of stockholders would take AMD a huge step near to splitting off their chip plants into a separate company. It is a move that is aimed at letting the semiconductor chip maker to become more viable against Intel Corp. however it was also reported by AMD about their 9 quarterly losses and also about laying off workers as they expect to unload nearly $1.2 billion of debt including their manufacturing expenses through this spin-off plan. Apart form this AMD also said in an announcement about their stockholder’s vote that, the transaction which is an investment firm that is controlled by the Abu Dhabi government in the United Arab Emirates would also take over most part of the ownership over the chip plants. This is now expected to be completed by the 2nd of March.

However, even today, there were just hardly enough votes cast at the continuation of the special meeting of the stockholders to endorse the spin-off. A spokesperson of AMD said that nearly 50.26 percent of share owners of AMD cast ballots, while around 95 percent of the votes were in the favor of the proposal. The company had postponed the scheduled vote session last week after they failed to get the essential minimum of 50 percent turnout during the first stockholder meeting. According to AMD, The votes were received just for 42 percent of the shares of the company during that point

AMD the chip maker also announced the manufacturing spin-off much earlier by saying that the company will focus on the chip design and the marketing while also shift manufacturing to an entirely new which is currently called as the Foundry Co. AMD would hold around 34.2 percent of the ownership stakes for the manufacturing business while the remaining would be owned by Advanced Technology Investment Co based in Abu Dhabi. The company would have originally owned around 44.4 percent but the ownership position of the company was reduced in December after the faced a value drops in their stocks. According to the market research firm IDC, the spin-off would take over the chip plans in Germany and in the United States from AMD as the PC microprocessors shares of which in unit shipment had fell to around 17.7 in the last four quarter of last year. IDC further said that, it had been even down to around 23.1 percent during the forth quarter of the year 2007whcih had put the shares of Intel to Q4 processor shipments at around 81.3 percent and so there was this decision taken by the IDC.