Windows 7 seems promising so far

The primary windows seven design of Microsoft would surely be singular that would change the negative Windows perceptions that were generated by Windows Vista. With regards to this Microsoft is off to an amazingly strong start with Windows 7. You must have not seen any beta engagements like Windows 7 since the Windows 95 nearly 14 years ago. However Microsoft has effectively engaged enthusiasts during its windows 95 beta which actually launched to what can be said as immense marketing campaign for a new operating system.

However the big question surrounding the new windows 7 is whether it would be a major release or would just be like the revamped Windows Vista. The executives of Microsoft showed off the new windows 7 to the day long series of demos, doing their best to impress the journalists with a long list of improved and advanced features. This seems a great release for windows 7. However when tested over a PC the user might find difficulty using the several new features that are included and the problem here could the machine is running the M3 windows 7 releases which actually locks down some of the features. The new and advanced features of windows 7 can be seem more certainly using the more recent builds like 6933 and 6926 which includes more significant revisions to hub windows features.

So, what’s so impressive about Windows 7? The clearly visible and new features are enhancements which streamline core windows task such as organizing a digital music collection or connecting to a wireless netw3ork. However the new operating system feature are much more than you can think as there are also improvements made to the core components as it includes an innovative method to stream music and other stored media directly to the network that is connected to media players. Some other changes to the windows interface are clearly obvious. The windows explore now features a button which toggles the preview pan off and on, but in Vista you had to dig three levels deeper into the menu to off and on the pan preview. Additionally, the much cooler feature is the new method to maximize, resize and restore a window. You just have to drag the title bar of the window t the top and it would maximize and the same to restore it to its original size and it can also resize itself to fit either side of the screen by dragging the window to any side.At your first glance the desktop of windows 7 does not look much different from other window OS. However the start menu and the taskbar look much like windows vista, but if you again look closely at the desktop of windows 7 you can find some noteworthy changes. Firstly the quick launch bar is removed and they are directly set of the taskbar, where you can directly place program icons to easily access them. Additionally when you just hover your mouse to a button that represents several running windows it would show a strip of thumbnails which can also be maximized by moving over them. Overall most of the common tasks are also greatly simplified in windows 7 which makes it much promising OS.

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