How to clean your computer, physically

A hard key on your computer keyboard or some volatile mouse can be a nuisance when working on your computer and also a waste of time. This means that your computer needs a great amount of regular maintenance and care so that it operates properly and so if you can spend a few minutes every week on cleaning your computer can actually make a great deal.

The first common problem when it comes to cleaning the keyboard is dirt and dust accumulating between the keyboard keys. In this case you can turn the entire keyboard upside down so that you gently shake it and remove the large particles. This should be done at least once a week to avoid the particles get blocked. Then with a soft brush you remove the dust sticking to the keyboard, and then wipe it with either dump cloth or some special dust removing spray. Using the wipes soaked in clean solution, gently wipe between the keys. Make sure you never spray any solution on the keyboard any other part of the computer hardware as they can be damaged.

When  you clean the mouse, firstly turn the mouse upside down and using the pre-dampened cloth, wipe the base of it. It is a roller-ball mouse then remove the ball and clean it in water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid and then wipe it dry. You can use a small cloth bud dipped in Methylated spirits to clean any dirt inside the mouse ball casing. Make sure you specially clean the three small contact rollers which touch the mouse ball.

Hidden dust can be really bad for computers. The fans that are designed to pull in air to cool the processor and other items also cover up in dust, which can even settle over some components as an insulting blanket causing it to either overheat or to malfunction. You can us a can of compressed air to remove the buildup of dust while also holding a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust particles. However before you open any park of the computer make sure to first disconnect the mains and you don’t touch anything wit the vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Make sure you have a collection of basic cleaning materials for your computer always handy which should include lint-free cloth, a can of compressed air, cotton buds and a cleaning solution which all can help you easily clean and maintain your computer. There are also ready-made computer cleaning kits available at computer outlets and at large departmental stores and some even include a mini vacuum cleaner.

Here are some more tips about cleaning your computer. Reading on a dirty computer screen especially when light strikes it from different angles can be difficult and can slow down your work. In this case remove all the finger marks and dust with a clean and soft cotton cloth and take good care with an LCD screen as they are prone to scratch sooner. A little clean water is generally enough to clean computer screen but you can even use any clean solution to get rid of stubborn marks. The scanner glass should also be cleaned in the same way as the computer screen. Your computer CD writer or reader can also accumulate dirt and dust and so it is also important to frequently clean the CD player optical lens with a special cleaning material.

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