PC turns 40 years old

Obviously, it is 40 years today for the first personal computer that was introduced on 8th of December 1968 in San Francisco. It is really sad to see how many of them did really know this, the great invention which has actually changed the way people look at their daily lives and even the ability of solving several problems quickly. This weird old device did boast the manual movement equipment famously known as the little mouse and an interactive screen. I am still amazed why people call this minute little device the mouse, most probably due to its shape and its connection with the wire which looks like a cute little tail.     


Does anyone know that the inventor of personal computer Douglas Engelbart from the Stanford Research Center staged a public demonstration which was witnessed by thousands of people? On that day, many people came across windows, mouse, and hypermedia with addressing & object linking with video conferencing for the very first time. Engelbart was praised by everyone and in the year 1997 he was awarded the Lemelson MT Award of 500,000 dollars which is said to be the single largest price money in the entire world for innovation and invention. And again in the next year Douglas Engelbarts name was included in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.    


However, in the year 1968 when Douglas demonstrated on how the personal computer users who perhaps had to compulsory have training even before touching this mammoth device, could edit graphics and text on their computer screen. This presentation even offered a preview of several upcoming personal computer networks which would later become internet.  The personal computer initially raised hopes for many people to solve several major quandaries on how to navigate worlds quickly increasing and accumulating complicated levels of information. This demonstration was something different which no one dared to dream or think about the latest Apple and Microsoft.


Even though Douglas Engelbart has not actually achieved much of fame like Bill Gates his philosophical influence is widely known in this particular field. The 1969 personal computer demonstration at the Conference in San Francisco held at the Civic Convention Center featured Douglas Engelbart in a short sleeved shirt and a matching tie as his computer work station standing in front of a huge video screen. This may really seem old-fashioned and tame for the new generation of today that is familiar to the higher technical special effects of the modern day.


However, at the time when these personal computers were hyped, calculators almost the size of a car that operated on punch cards was really mind blowing. Bill, English, the man who invented the first mouse in the year 1964, said that it was really surprising to see the standing ovation which Douglas Engelbart received on the occasion of the introduction of the personal computer on the 8th of December 1968. It was the animating visions of Engelbart to seek advanced access to quickly expanding stores of human information and knowledge actually appealed Bob Taylor. It is even seen that the entire success of Engelbart was established on his abilities to encourage his co-workers.        

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