Speedup Your PC with 5 Maintenance Tasks

If you feel like your computer is slower than usual, then one of the reasons may be due to the disorganization of the files or if the resources are used up by some software. The operating system will have tools which can be used for cleaning up the computer and also help in enhancing the performance of the computer. There are some basic steps which can be implemented if your computer has started running a little bit slow. It will help you in tuning the computer which runs on Windows or even Vista. Before you start using them make sure that you create a backup which will help you to save important files if anything goes wrong.  

Removing the unnecessary files


Removing all the unused programs is the first step which means removing all the unwanted files. The programs will consume a lot of space on the computer and it will run in the background without you knowing. It is important that you remove all these files which will help in the restoration of the computers performance. The speed will also increase if you have a lot free space as it will help in the proper functioning of the programs.


Installing anti spyware software


A lot of programs can be removed with the help of the programs of ‘Add or Remove’ which could be accessible through the control panel. These spyware programs are very efficient and will scan the whole computer. These programs will help in the detection of any unwanted programs. You should install this software into your computer which will help you in the detection of any spyware which has been installed into your computer.


Free up the wasted space


You should remove all those unwanted programs which are not being used for making disk space in your computer. It will help in improving the speed of the computer and improved performance. The tools for disk cleanup will help you to find all the unwanted programs which can be deleted. You can run these programs in the properties option which can be found in the local disk of my computer. The cleanup will take a little while for scanning through the whole computer. A dialog box will start appearing when you choose the disk cleaning tool. After the cleanup you will have some extra space which will help in giving you extra space.   


Defragment the computer


The computer will have both fragmented and unfragmented. The fragmented files will take more time to be read compared to the defragmented files. The computer will go through different sections in the fragmented files. Performing a defragmentation will help you to improve the performance by the reorganization of the files. Fragmentation looks like a very complicated process but it is an easy process which will help in improving the performance of the computer.


Disconnect all the unused networks


This will help in better response by the computer and you will have better speed on your computer.

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