Google launches Chrome to Combat Firefox

Google Chrome is a web browser that has been built with an open source code and it has been developed by techno giants Google. The name of the web browser has been developed from graphical user interface frame of the browser. Chromium is the name given for the source project and it has been released by BSD license. User interface of chrome is not very polished and looks a little distracting. The beta version of Microsoft windows was released in more than 43 languages. It has been released in order to compete with Mozilla firefox. The releasing announcement was made on 3rd September and a comic released by Scott McCloud was sent to the journalists and the bloggers explaining all the features and motivations of the new browser. The main goals behind the design were to improve the security, stability and also speed compared to other existing browsers.

Chrome has a lot of extensive changes in its interface and it was assembled into 26 code libraries of Google even for third parties like Netscape. Chrome will download updates of the blacklists and it will warn the users if they are attempting to browse any harmful sites. The security is good and offers great service to the users. Google offers a service called as safe browsing API that will maintain the blacklists and it will notify the uses to be aware of any harmful softwares. Chrome will have a specific tab that will fit into a process and it will prevent malware of installing itself. The allocation process of the tabs is a little complex. Chrome has a protected mode which is also used by Windows Vista and also Internet explorer 7. Plugins like Adobe flash player is not standardized and it is not sandboxed as a tab. Chrome supports Netscape plug-in application programming interface. Chrome does not have any extension systems like XP install architecture. Incognito is an option where the browser cannot store any history or cookies from the site that has been visited.    

Chrome offers great promise and is considered as the new face of internet browsing. Chrome uses DNS prefetching that will speed up the website lookups. The user interface is very extensive which includes back, forward, bookmark, cancel options, refresh, go and many more. It is a lot similar like Safari and the location settings are like the ones of internet explorer. The design is characterized by minimize, maximize, and also closing window are based on the Windows Vista version. The tab will start appearing in the title bar when the window is not maximized. When it is maximized, the title bar will disappear. The bar will be displayed at the topmost portion of the window. Chrome can be maximized in a standard windows application. Omni box is the URL that will appear at the top of every tab. It will be a combination of all the functionalities of search box and the URL box. The overall rating of Chrome is pretty good and it has succeeded to be a little more innovative and also updated.

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