How It Works for Mime Application Fix

There are two main reasons why your PC could not open Mime Application files and attachments, such as Mime Application/PDF, Mime Application/Octet-stream or Mime Application/X-msdownload.

  • The registry entry related to the Mime application type in system registry, is corrupt; or
  • There is no host application installed on your PC to open the Mime application type.

Cause 1: corrupted registry entry related to the Mime application type

Resolution: correct the registry errors and remove corrupted registry entries

Cause 2: lack of host application for the Mime Application type

Resolution: install the right host application

How to solve both problems using PC Tuneup Maestro:

  1. Download PC Tuneup Maestro and install it.
  2. Click Open File, and then, input the related file extension name, for example “pdf” (no quote)  for Mime Application/PDF,  into text box on the right side.
  3. Click the Start Scan button and follow the instructions.



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