Gotta place for another browser? Try Safari

Apple Inc. has launched the beta version of their new Safari 4 web browser which is available to be downloaded for Mac OS X, Vista and Windows XP users. It has actually the technology world by surprise as it offers even more surprising number of innovative features including under-the-hood updates to avail speedy rendering performance, in -your-face browser interface advances and an open standard compliance. Some of the features users would instantly notice are refined tabbed browsing, a new way to search through web browser bookmarks and history, an innovative top sites display which shows most visited websites and also a modified tool bar which drops down the reload button to refresh your web pages.

The changes in top sites and tabs features would basically call for comparisons to Chrome from Google which was recently introduced. The new Safari 4 browser, similar to Google’s Chrome places multiple tabs over the window and also offers a gallery view of recently visited sites. However, Safari is mainly designed to emphasize browsing and not the web browser. It boasts of an excellent design with just a single pixel wide browser frame. The scroll bar is only visible when it’s needed and by default there is no status bar, but the progress indicator turns as the page loads. Tabs are located at the very top of the browser thereby opening an even wider page to view websites.

Right from the beginning Safari has been launching a pad for innovative ideas and unique features which make web browsing even more enjoyable. Apart from the top sites features the new Safari 4 also includes a new cover flow feature. This feature offers a highly visual way to review your bookmarked sites and site history, by offering a full page view of websites which you last visited. You just have to flip through the websites preview in the cover flow feature just like you do for the album art in iTues. Additionally with cover flow and full history search feature you can actually see what you went through the previous day. The new browser has introduced a remarkable new way to revisit the websites while also letting you flip through a full page preview of the past visited sites.

Safari is still one of the fastest web browsers as it outraces most of the well known web browsers. Being designed with the new nitro engine, Safari 4 delivers blazingly speedy performance you might have ever experienced. For instance, the new browser from Apple can execute JavaScript much faster compared to IE7 and Firefox based on the performance test. Apart from this the new Safari 4 is also designed with a native windows look and feel. In case you are using Safari on Windows Vista or XP it would feel like other windows applications due to its native look feature. The developers can also find an excellent set of development tools that were never before included in a web browser. You just have to turn them on from the safari preference and use them to examine structure of a page, organize compatibility, debug JavaScript, test experimental pieces of code or inspect offline database

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