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TiVo Touching New Heights

Friday, October 31st, 2008

The new TiVo HD XL is great equipment that can record HD programs continuously while playing another program. It has a storage capacity of almost 1TB and the memory is expandable which is an added advantage. The additional features include connection of cable TV and other air signals, skipping commercials and also a very simple user interface. It has networking features like internet browsing and also home networking that allows downloads of TiVo cast videos. The recordings can be transferred to the PC through portable devices. It can be downloaded and viewed with the help of digital file formats and also network PCs. It has a lot of space that can be used for storage of recordings and also comes with a THX certification. It meets the industry standards and is expected to redefine the method of TV viewing. TiVo HD XL uses air antenna broadcasting and it cannot receive signals from dish network or direct TV. TiVo HD XL also uses the switched video technology that is used to improve the bandwidth length that will help in achieving more HD channels. SDV technology is incompatible and comes with an add on accessory known as SDV tuning resolver.


TiVo HD XL does not have the option of accessing any interactive features that are offered by the cable providers. TiVo HD XL also disallows access to any online video content of mason Unbox. TiVo HD XL will offer SDV channels, pay per view contents, and also the videos on demand. It also has a cable card technology that gives you the option of selecting the required item. TiVo HD XL is mainly used for the playback of TV shows and has a DVR recorder. The whole thing has been commoditized by the cable TV providers. It comes with a dual cable card slot and installing the cards will help you with the process of recording. You will have the option to toggle back between tuners by hitting live TV button. TV signals with high definition can be recorded through antenna hookup.


TiVo HD XL helps in the buffering of live TV programs. You can pause or even rewind the program that you are watching. It also has the option of a 30 second skip that helps you to skip the commercial breaks. This feature is not available in any other DVRs.  EPG or electronic program guide is available that helps you with configuration and customization of the program schedules. You can get the guide for 14 days forward and it will be displayed as standard grid or even split screen. Pass function feature helps you to record all the episodes of a show using the parameter settings. It allows you to record the episode during the primetime. This function is available with almost all DVR services. There is also not the risk of recording the same episode twice. The guide list will be accurate and also with all the episode data. TiVo HD XL is a great set that has a lot of options that helps in making TV viewing more enjoyable.

Lenovo Launches Ultra-portable Thinkpad Tablet

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Lenovo has launched the all new ThinkPad X200 tablet laptop that is considered as a powerful machine that can easily carried anywhere. It can even function with low voltage power and is a lightweight convertible tablet. The predecessor pair of Lenovo ThinkPad X61 and X61 tablet will have similar commonalities that have a patented keyboard with a 12 in screen. Think Pad X200 tablets have great features like tablet pen options and is unbelievably light. It can run on ultra low voltage and also has all the advanced features. The tablet weighs almost as same as the prototype X200 and it has an inbuilt 8cell battery. The CCFL screen is a standard 12 in screen with a widescreen panel. The various panel options include CCFL option that has a nit rating which is about 190. The tablet is Wacom enabled with an LED panel and it has a rating of almost 235 nits. The panel will have various resolution modes that can carry resolutions up to 1,280 x 800.


The tablet comes with stereo speakers and also comes with microphones that have dual array as a feature set. There are many storage options that can be chosen by the user like 5,400 rpm and the 7,200 rpm hard drives with options like 64GB or 128GB SSD modes. User can even pick low voltage parts and it uses the platform of Intel Centrino 2. The tablet works on DDR3 memory. The X200 is a very light edition which is very powerful and has strong functions. The carbon fiber lid helps it making it very light and also very powerful. The LED panel has a resolution of 1440 x 900 with CCFL modes. The tablet also comes with a lot of options like LV and ULV parts with a DDR3 memory and the wireless options include WiMax, WI-Fi, WWAN, GPS and also Bluetooth. The tablet has a great battery life and can run continuously for hours. Multiple battery options are also available for the X200 edition that can help in an extended work hour.


X200 is a very interesting product that has three PCMCIA slots and also has camcorder batteries which is the central source of power. It will support 160MB of memory with EDO. The hard drive will support UDMA support. It supports optical drive that could be attached to a portable dock station. The tablets also have ATI rage mobility that comes with a graphics chips. The main function of the X200 edition is that it is easily portable and is very light. It can be easily carried with you anywhere and is tagged as an ultra portable laptop. The keyboard is very comfortable and helps you with easy typing. It has great reliability and also customer service support. Lenovo has been branded as an environment friendly company that is making equipments which are considered as eco friendly. The wireless networking can be attached into a chassis and offers great program features. It is a wonderful set that is an all rounder and has great features loaded with the set being ultra portable.

What to Choose for Your Next Laptop

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Whenever you are planning to purchase a new personal computer, the first decision that you would require making is whether to purchase a laptop or a desktop. Earlier, the laptops gained their popularity only because of their popularity. However, lost a little computing potential as desktop proved more powerful comparatively. With the passage of years, the condition has changed. Several advancements have been made allowing you to experience a great usage of laptops without even sacrificing on the quality. The laptops available these days offer with similar operating systems that the desktop computers have. Most of the customizations which you would require doing for the desktops would also apply to the laptops. 

While looking forward to laptop customization, you will require thinking what is it that you actually need to upgrade so that you can possibly maximize the experience of personal computing. If you are looking forward to play more games on your computer then you would want to increase the RAM of your computer. This is very much simple. All you would require doing is going to the local computer Shoppe and ask them to upgrade the RAM of your computer. Mostly, the laptop computers don’t have extra slots where one can possibly snap RAM in and play more of demanding computer games instantly.

If you are planning to customize how the laptop appears then it’s quite an easy job to do. One can change almost anything right from the banners right to the background to how the things should appear simply by looking through the option of the computer.

While customizing the laptop computers to a greater degree, don’t miss out the USB port. The USB port could be a great friend to you as you can easily attach an additional disk dive or a floppy drive. You also have an option to connect to the mouse or iPod if you don’t want to make use of the mouse which is incorporated in the laptop computer. One can also find boards that could be brought to the place the laptop computer that might stimulate the desktop computer.

If concerned with the sound quality of the laptop then you would also require looking at purchasing a set of good quality speakers for the laptop computer. Using the right type of cable, you can possibly connect the computer to the home stereo system so that you wouldn’t have to bother about purchasing a new set of laptop speakers.

This is sure to give with a couple of ideas which could be possibly used for improvising the performance of your laptop. Decide on what you need improving for your laptop and then either you can make s research or simply go to the local computer store. The employees are sure to know what all laptop customizations could be possibly done. One can also call up the original manufacturers of the computer if you are not quite sure of those particular specifications of the computer. Customize the laptop as per your requirements carefully.

Is personal computing going green or giving away the green?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Changes in the requirements for usage of personal computing also the updates and the new software usually occur quickly in the ever growing technology world. As this occurs, the consumers often decide on getting rid of the old computer of theirs and is based on their budget and requirements purchasing yet another one. Depending on original costs and the conditions of computers, some provide with trade into the dealers which could be refurnished and then sold out, some of them giving away to the family and friends and some other donate to the school or charity. With recycling of the personal computer, you might feel having done a great dead also helped someone, as well as avoiding any wastage, making it an eco friendly also a socially positive decision of how to go about disposing the old personal computer. However, a good deed wouldn’t ever go unpunished and risk to the information on old computer might involve least amounts of theft. The white-collar crime is growing at a fast rate and where the information on the computer landing might not be a safe place. There could be someone who would find it out and make wrong usage of it. You might feel safe donating the old computer as you have erased all information from the computer. However, the Consumer Reports have to say differently after conduction of the study of the used computers which are purchased on the E-bay. In the study, it’s discovered that an inexpensive and a simple software is being available to all for determining what all information might still be stored in the hard drive.

The Consumer Report found that the used computers had Microsoft word document that included all salary information, quicken files having the finance and expense data, outlook express emails, list of all favorite websites, MySpace account having name along with the password, photographs and love letters. Such computers are described as wiped cleaned or reformatted by the sellers.

A research followed at the Harvard University has examined about thousand hard drives and surprisingly found that about one third of them were only cleaned completely. The Microsoft Windows does not claim of having an easy or a secure way for erasing the complete hard drive also recommends on using some third party software. Mac OS X can easily erase all data permanently the trash files but is a little slow.

Therefore, the next time you donate the computer or recycle the old computer, you would want to consider various options like WipeDrive who is providing with a security solution or an eraser, available free of cost over the web. It is very much important to clean the hard drive before letting them off the hands, mainly if you have used the computer for making certain purchases, finances, monitor banking, doing taxes also photographs. Make sure that the data is erased completely in order to secure your identity before you would take up a chance of giving it away to someone along with the old computer.

Are Personal Comptuers Becoming Too Personal?

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Due to the increasing development of high-speed computer chips, it has brought along with it several business aids and personal facilities that range from immediate online banking to trading speedy access of compact discs data and resourceful interactive multimedia games.

However, the high-tech development has come with a costly botheration —- human attachment to the machines and until today unmatched in the records of human history. In case these personal computers are not yet replaced man’s best friend the dog, then it is just because no one has still found out the right way. Perhaps one of the most convincing factors in the humanization of personal computers is the capacity to hook-up with the net. Those days are left behind when a person had to dress-up to impress someone. On the internet, you can easily sprawl your seat, have a hair-cut and can dress down however if you understand all your gigabytes from the sip drives then obviously you are the hero. On the world of internet, fast fingers are one of the biggest compliments you can offer to a friend. One of the best compliments for a woman would be like “the way you think it reminds me about my motherboard”.     

However, one of the main disadvantages of online social dome is that a person can chat with his friends for hours and not surely knowing that person’s ender. Frankly speaking, to go on a date on the internet does not cost more than making a phone call unless you would have a human company to chat with. However, this sort of crushes the great accomplishments of the latest technology.  What more do you want with the entire social globe on the internet literally surrounding the whole planet, you can now have to tackle the problems which were until now not encountered.

It was actually bad enough to convene a person who was wrong however at present you have to nominate yourself with meeting a person who is perfect for you but not at the right side of the globe. How would you like to deal with this problem? Have you ever traveled around the globe just to convene someone? What, if you would require to fly to London or Sydney for a date and then it turns to be the right place but with the wrong person? Would you say, oh no I’m having a headache I would like to go back to the airport?

There are quiet a few people who take the world wide web sociability even one step ahead by getting married on the internet. These kinds of nuptials are said to be common with fragile legalities. This kind of practice must be undertaken just by those who are completely conscious of their consequences. In this kind of net marriage, roaring your partners system constantly has to be considered as a spousal abuse. Whenever you are uploading whatever your spouse needs can be read as “incompatible differences”. So, if your spouse finds you in one of the chat rooms chatting with another woman then it may be the place for divorce.  

Will iPhone Change the Face of Personal Computing

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

New 3G Apple iPhone has been introduced to the market recently to the audience that was quite on the edge of seats for anticipation. Reviews have been in favor with many of bordering on the zealous, stated at the reviews over the web. The iPhone is thought to be a new age personal computer. It is world’s first ever real personal computer.

The iPhone also has the non-techies about the easy to use platform also a large range of applications. Pandora, a new application for music would allow the users to create their own radio stations effectively. This new application has exceeded the expectations and has proved as a popular application that the Apple has in the vast and the well-stocked stable.

The social media addicts would all be very much pleased for noting that almost all the favorite sources like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker are all available on this new Apple iPhone too. The social networks which aren’t available presently are working too hard for changing the status. So you can definitely expect a change and the range to grow as several companies are seen to clamber on iPhone bandwagon.

The iPhone has also kept the trend for optimizing the geographic locations for all users. The new applications are all capable of putting the locations in the context, no matter where one is. You are just a click away from the nearest bookshops, theatres and restaurants with this new iPhone. If you think you need a map for locating these destinations, the
iPhone also provides with this application too.

The new iPhone just have all applications and the features which one could possibly want, except cut and the paste. Some of the people don’t seem to worry much about the readily available social networking, maps or the video capabilities of new iPhones all which concerns is that there isn’t paste and copy clipboard featured on iPhone. This isn’t a simple concern of the users but instead a burning question amongst the users of the new iPhone. The burning question which the head of Apple products, Greg Joswiak addressed by an explanation that the Apple doesn’t have long list of any priorities that features that they are aiming to introduce to iPhone  also that they have got so far that the list as they would with the 3G iPhone. Therefore, they wouldn’t get to it possibly as they have some more things which they deemed of more importance.

In the big scheme of text messaging, emailing, photo managing, picture taking, capturing videos, location mapping, and music playing, not to mention the telephone calling, who could possibly blame them for the cutting, sticking, and pasting at a lower end of to-do-list.

Seeing the various applications of the iPhone is quite eye-opening. They are quite powerful and are only getting better. Having all the personal applications and the services at the fingertips is sure to make you realize iPhone is a great useful personal computer. It is believed that the iPhone has changed the face of personal computing, remarkable page in history of technology. It is the starting of era, portable, ubiquitous, and personal computing.

Hi-tech Digital Camera From Kodak

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Kodak has released the new eyeshare M1033 which has great features that make it a perfect digital camera. It is a compact digital camera that is slim, sturdy and has simple operation that makes it a good choice for home use. The picture quality is also very good compared to other models in its class. The features are well set and have a lot of rudimentary features. The only flaw is that it has a lackluster video and has limited option of three shot burst. Kodak eyeshare is ultra compact and will fit into an average person’s budget. The camera is ten megapixels and is a great pocket camera. M1033 is a great asset and it helps you to capture excellent pictures. The length of the camera is around 2.3 inches and has a width of 3.7 in. The best feature of M1033 is that it is ultra compact and weighs only 5.2 ounces.



The camera has a metal body and comes in a lot of colours like black, copper, silver, gray, pink and also red. The design of the piece is very clear cut and the simple features allow anyone to use the camera easily. Buttons for shutters, power, mode selections and for flash are on the top side of the body. It is flushed with its body and gives a streamlined look to the camera. The back side has a 3 inch LCD which is very bright that can be used for viewing the sunlight. It has a large locker zoom switches of 3 x 35- 105mm which is equivalent to a 3.1 -5.7 lens and it is positioned to the left side of the screen. The bottom portion has joystick that can be used for navigation purposes and it can be used for playing the captured videos and photographs. It also comes with the option of playback, delete and also menu. It helps you to tag an image that can be printed or even mailed after connecting the camera to the computer.  The first shot will take 1.7 seconds to get snapped and this is the duration between different shots.



The flash is very big and helps in getting much more clear images. Shutter lag option can be used in bright conditions. The burst mode will give a 3 shot spurt which is almost 1.4 seconds. Pressing the camera’s shutter button will help in focus confirmation and the picture will be more focused. It also has face detection technology and helps in giving clear images of people. The additional features include smart capture, video mode, program, and also scenes. The dynamic range is very broad it helps you to capture a good quality image. The improved detail capturing and the contrast options will work regardless of the lighting conditions. The scene modes have of 22 different types and it includes options like portrait, or landscape modes. It is a great gadget that is perfect for rough use and is an all rounder in terms of compact digital cameras. The picture quality is higher compared to the cameras in its class.

Google launches Chrome to Combat Firefox

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Google Chrome is a web browser that has been built with an open source code and it has been developed by techno giants Google. The name of the web browser has been developed from graphical user interface frame of the browser. Chromium is the name given for the source project and it has been released by BSD license. User interface of chrome is not very polished and looks a little distracting. The beta version of Microsoft windows was released in more than 43 languages. It has been released in order to compete with Mozilla firefox. The releasing announcement was made on 3rd September and a comic released by Scott McCloud was sent to the journalists and the bloggers explaining all the features and motivations of the new browser. The main goals behind the design were to improve the security, stability and also speed compared to other existing browsers.

Chrome has a lot of extensive changes in its interface and it was assembled into 26 code libraries of Google even for third parties like Netscape. Chrome will download updates of the blacklists and it will warn the users if they are attempting to browse any harmful sites. The security is good and offers great service to the users. Google offers a service called as safe browsing API that will maintain the blacklists and it will notify the uses to be aware of any harmful softwares. Chrome will have a specific tab that will fit into a process and it will prevent malware of installing itself. The allocation process of the tabs is a little complex. Chrome has a protected mode which is also used by Windows Vista and also Internet explorer 7. Plugins like Adobe flash player is not standardized and it is not sandboxed as a tab. Chrome supports Netscape plug-in application programming interface. Chrome does not have any extension systems like XP install architecture. Incognito is an option where the browser cannot store any history or cookies from the site that has been visited.    

Chrome offers great promise and is considered as the new face of internet browsing. Chrome uses DNS prefetching that will speed up the website lookups. The user interface is very extensive which includes back, forward, bookmark, cancel options, refresh, go and many more. It is a lot similar like Safari and the location settings are like the ones of internet explorer. The design is characterized by minimize, maximize, and also closing window are based on the Windows Vista version. The tab will start appearing in the title bar when the window is not maximized. When it is maximized, the title bar will disappear. The bar will be displayed at the topmost portion of the window. Chrome can be maximized in a standard windows application. Omni box is the URL that will appear at the top of every tab. It will be a combination of all the functionalities of search box and the URL box. The overall rating of Chrome is pretty good and it has succeeded to be a little more innovative and also updated.