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How to add lyrics to your iTunes

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

The people out there who have never added lyrics to a track especially in iTunes here is the simple procedure. Select the track, click on the file tab, move to info and then the lyrics tab. This will open up the info window where the lyrics can simply be typed or pasted. The process is not that difficult but for the people who need to do it more often it seems like a tiresome task. Another problem arises when the added lyrics are not confined just to the iTunes window but also appear on the iPhone and iPod. pearLyrics a utility which automatically added lyrics to iTunes tracks while playing was uncovered in 2005. Soon after its release it was discontinued due to heavy pressure from different ends. Since then very few product have been released but none have can perform as smoothly as pearLyrics.

According to the experts one of the utilities which can deliver with par pearLyrics is iClip Lyrics. Just leave the application running while listening to music at iTunes. The users can view the track name at the top of the screen while the exhisting lyrics are automatically saved to the ID3 tag. On the other hand the tracks which do not have lyrics the program automatically look out for the artist or track name and refer to LyricWiki for the lyrics. Thus, the lyrics are automatically added to the ID3 tag of the current track. As most of the processes are completed automatically the user ends up adding lyrics to almost every track he listens. I should be noted that LyricWiki does not have lyrics for every song out there, thus if the lyrics are not found the users can look out for it through Google search engine. iClip automatically sends a request to the browser which opens a clipboard at the iClips Lyrics window. This window can be used for entering text which after entering is automatically pasted to the iClip Lyrics clipboard. Thus, a simple click pastes the lyrics to the track played.

For most of the users this process can be a little tiresome when compared with the automatic operation competed by the utility itself. The manual task can also be performed after searching for lyrics in Google and pasting the same at the info window through iTunes. In case if the lyrics displays come errors, it can be easily changed right at the iClip Lyrics window. This can be easily done using the refresh button for applying all changes made. In case if LyricWiki provides wrong lyrics for the song the users can easily click on the delete tab. This will remove the lyrics from the track. According to the users the user friendly nature of iClip makes it hugely popular and easy to use. The lyrics can be simply added as the user enjoys his favourite music. As per the users the biggest limitation of iClip is in the form of LyricWiki which fails to provide lyrics of independent artists.