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New Smartphone technology for enterprise IT infrastructures

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The Research in Motion Ltd has hopes that their new version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server will help in convincing doubtful IT managers that the smartphone technology can meet stiff corporate standards for security and management. Users and analysts said that if the new simplified administration tools and fail over functions in the upcoming 5.0 version of BlackBerry management software work according to the promises of RIM then hundreds more workers outside the executive suites would safely use this mobile device.

The analysts said that improvements in technology, including faster networks, more powerful processors and devices which could support multiple networks offered at lower costs are slowly increasing the pace of mobile devices in corporate platforms. However they noted that most IT managers remain cautious of letting significant number of employees to use these handhelds due to the apparent lack of management and security capabilities. Ken Dulaney the analysts in Gartner Inc has estimated that nearly 80 percent of big companies that employ more than 100 workers are now using smartphones that are authorized by IT operations. He added that during the past two years the technology had started spreading from management suite to corporate masses.

Therefore the new BlackBerry management tool set with Argon code name is scheduled to ship in second quarter of this year. The officials of RIM refused to identify the companies which are not beta testing this software which can also best explain its advanced features. Peter Walkar who is the senior director of software product management at RIM says that the fail over capacity in the 5.0 version would let IT administrators to connect a number of servers with one system which is kept ready in a high availability and live mode for activation in case primary systems run below the predetermined performance level. However Dulaney said that the present version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server needs IT developers to build custom add-ins to achieve fail over from multiple servers.

Implementing these fail over capabilities will need some users to install a few more hardware to run its backup tool. Walkar also said that the multiple computer system might even share a single database which does not need to be replaced. Walkar said that the new web based console of Argon lets IT executives to edge the administrative functions any IT employee can access or control. For instance the managers can blacklist or white list a user applications with just a click of the mouse. Natan Glich who is the IT director in Jam Industries Ltd said that he hopes the new administrative console would considerably easy the task of managing the BlackBerry device used in the firm. This assured web based console will surely eliminate the need for the client to run the console as it was required in the previous 4.16 version which Jam Industries currently use. He said that more than 50 employees at Jam Industries who are distributors of musical equipments and instruments and who travel overseas often use this BlackBerry to communicate and the new version would surely easy the overall task.

BlackBerry phone scores with VoIP

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

RIM has found a new way of pulling customers to its new BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry is mainly imitated, very mature, and targeted brand in the cell phone industry. However RIM keeps launching new handsets and also keeps scoring new exclusives through wireless operators by finding new gaps in their own product line and also replacing them better than the others. Therefore by joining T-Mobile the latest product of RIM helps in fulfilling your budget by offering a low rate ultimate IP telephony from your office, home and any other locale which hosts T-Mobile hotspot.

The new EDGE/Wi-Fi and UMA BlackBerry Curve 8900 handset is currently available to only T-Mobile users in U.S. This pocket-sized model offers traditional QWERTY keyboard design. Consequently it’s GUI and other functionality is a close match for its previous BlackBerry Bold. The full sized QWERTY handset of RIM and the chassis of BlackBerry Curve are styled after the outstanding Black-clad Bold apart from its strip of chrome plastic. Although you might not like its design, the Curve 8900 is designed with a fast CPU, very sharp 360×480 displays, expandable flash memory, and excellent 3.2 MP cameras are some of its best Wi-Fi calling features.

There is a MicroSDHC card slot covering the battery and it offers sufficient room for nearly 32GB of swappable storage for data files and media. Additionally the Blackberry Curve 8900 is identified as an USB storage class device when it is connected to a Mac of PC. The browser of BlackBerry supports downloads and its mail client manages the attachments as files. You will find that a great ability to transfer files from and to the device, eliminates the need for a tethering plan.

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is designed with a special version of DataViz Documents to Go which is sufficient to view and do basic editing in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents which you download, save to the storage card, or receive through email attachments. Therefore with a minimum charge you can trigger all the features of Documents to Go so that you can create new office documents with complete changing and formatting features.

The media qualifications of Curve 8900 are also very impressive which starts with the 2.4 inch LED backlit display. You will have to dialup the backlight to avail similar readability with small test. Additionally even the next generation BlackBerry GUI along with its transparency features and the sublimely soothed text seems great on the densely packed pixels of Curve 8900. RIM often includes clear, loud and distortion free speakers in their devise where even the music is very decent. They have also used CPU acceleration to offer the Curve 8900 with perfect full screen video playback. The camera software and hardware quality also catches by surprise. The in built camera is a 3.2 MP Senor designed with an auto focus lens. Overall the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a market winner with its fast CPU, a slick, high resolution screen and high function GUI and the entirely equal to enterprise and professional messaging duty apart from cutting a smaller formal profile.