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Face detection feature with Apple iPhoto

Friday, February 13th, 2009

It was announced this week that there is a new detection and recognition technology added into the new version of Apple’s iLife software. This technology lets users automatically organize photos according to people’s faces. ¬†Additionally, the new iLife of 2009 from Apple would include all new features in its GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto software and they are included with the new Mac computer line but also made available as $79 upgrade for previous users.

Apple is always known to slot in multimedia features in their Macs as the selling point. Although today there are several easy to use tools available like the photo application called Picasa from Google but you can look forth to Apple who has a renewed focus in keeping their offerings to the best of technology. Therefore the new version of their iLife Suite the iMovie application is designed with new features like video stabilization, animated travel maps and advanced drag and drop features. Additionally the GarageBand application also includes several new ways to learn how to play guitar and piano with 18 different basic lesons and even optional lessons from several top artists like John Fogerty, Sara Bareilles, Sting and Norah Jones. There are also several changes and advancements made in the iPhoto application which make it an all new and improved version in iLife of 2009.

The iPhoto features


Face Recognition – People are generally the most important photo subjects and it ca be difficult to find all the photos of grandkids and dad without combining the photo library. This is why iPhoto has introduced the faces feature which lets you easily organize your photos according to who is in the photos. This feature is designed with face detection technology which identifies faces in your photos while the photo face recognition feature easily matches faces that look like the same person. This makes it easy to add names to your photos and easily organize them and even find people from a large photo library. You just have to name the face in a few photos and iPhoto would automatically suggest you a set of potential photo matches to confirm your click.

Places - iPhoto also includes a feature called places which lets you explore all your travel photos easily. The feature basically uses the data from GPS features cameras or the one on iPhone to categories your photos according to their locations and even converts GPS location tags to common names. However if you don’t have a iPhone or a GPS features camera then you can still use the Places feature. You just have to add locations to your pictures by entering the place name and address or just place a pin on the map. Then if you need to find a picture taken in particular location this iPhoto feature would instantly browse and show up the results. If you just feel like exploring your photos the Places column can be used to browser pictures according to city, state or country of interest.