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Successes and regrets when Mac hit 25 years old

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Technology has come an incredibly long way from the early finder and system, but still a Mac user of 1984 is brought in from of a modern Mac world would not find it much different. There are still icons, menus, windows and several other interface elements which have not yet changed. Similarly both under the hood and the way it connects to outside world Mac operating system X is a completely different thing. There is a lot you can expect from the operating system X in the nest on or two years where a short answer is the core technology of Apple which is likely to change significantly in the future.

Apple has already announced about its next version of Mac OS-X would be Snow Leopard and it will mainly focus in improving performance and reliability. The OS would also add support for multicore computing and Microsoft exchange; provide faster JavaScripe executions, access to the computing power in graphics chips and also with high RAM ceilings. However it really represents a time out in the quest of Apple to add main new features to every new release of its operating systems. In previous releases of OS-X you received several features but they generally suffered from rough spotlights and edges. Hopefully, the new OS Snow Leopard would make using a Mac feel pleasurable without wanting to purchase new Mac systems. However new OS system will include some integrated applications like safari, iChat, mail, iCall and address book but it might also include twitter style microblogging that becoming more popular.

There are questions whether the application store would offer a glimpse of the future when distributing Mac software, but this is likely not. The huge success of Apple iPhone application store has led several people to consider that Apple might also try the same thing for Mac software to build a Mac application store into the iTunes and in OS-X. This can actually be much easier and if given the 30 percent cut on application store sales it would also be very profitable for Apple. However this does not seem much obvious as Apple might even break the iTunes application store because of its high bandwidth and server cost. Although there are several misconceptions among the developers and their policy restrictions make sure that you don’t stay reliable for Mac application store.

The MobileMe is the new tentative step of Apple into cloud computing. However Apple is still on its way to fully embrace what is called as ‘cloud computing which is just another term for internet, with modem concepts like open APIs, social networking and software as a service. This service is slowly approached by Apple by utilizing internet connectivity and different services to extend its applications and platforms but would not open them up radically. The Syncing of MobileMe for instance would help you manage your information among several Macs but is does not provide remarkable new ways to connect with other Mac users. The bottom line is that most Apple users would surely want to seen refinements with some new applications in its new OS. Additionally the Mac OS 11 is yet another great story to hear about.