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First post-Gates Windows release: 7

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

CEO Steve Ballmer said, Windows 7 would be the 1st operating system by Microsoft that is built without much knowledge from Bill Gates, where the technical manager of the company who had lead this development process had to change to things without the co-founder of the company and the previous chief software engineer. He continued that they have a lot of people who have stepped ahead and grown in different new ways. There is no question about that as he too is growing in some say. Ballmer said when speaking at McGraw-Hill Media Summit 2009 at New York.

Microsoft Windows 7 is estimated to make its entrance later during this year as it is a product that included some changes that were done since Bill Gates had retired from Microsoft and the company officials are really proud of its results, said Ballmer during the on stage interview held by Steve Adler the BusinessWeek editor. Ballmer further said that it is an excellent piece of work in the upcoming operating system and it is the work driven by an enthusiastic team independent of the leadership of Bill gates and according to Ballmer he feels that they are all feeling good about their product. They have got to finish the project sand they think it to be a big deal.

A beta version release of Windows 7 was already made available early during January which has until now received several positive reviews over its predecessors like Windows Vista that had taken nearly 5 years for the company to develop which had been criticized by several consumers and business users. However without saying so clearly Steve Ballmer implied that he and his executives were restricted in their capability to make firm technical decision at Microsoft after the retirement of Gates. Bill Gates was retired from his work at Microsoft at Last July and started working at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is a Philanthropic organization. Some of his past duties at Microsoft would be now passed on to Ray Ozzie who had replaced Bill Gates as the chief software architect.

Steve Ballmer said that the first thing that should be changed at Microsoft is the way Craig Mundie and Ozzie interact as one team to make all the technology decisions. He added, the way all of three of them accomplish or their job at the technology leadership center is certainly different in the way Bill gates accomplished. According to Ballmer, Bill Gates had more in his final say in technical decisions, as he was also the founder. He added that Bill Gates did not give much orders but in case he thought something should is to be done then you clearly knew work would be intense if you did not agree. Additionally Steve Ballmer also said that if given the change then his team and he would be pleased to have back Bill Gates back. He said that they really miss Bill gates and he support for their work.

windows 7 vs. Linux

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

With the release of first public beta version of Windows 7, there was a feeling that Microsoft had finally created the Windows they were promising from long time. However they have got few choices the professional and public reaction to Vista and the mounting pressure from low cost Linux over the low cost computer devices, which mean they have to act fast. There is a debate about what 7 means for both Linux and Windows as it is Linux’s fearsome new enemy or Microsoft’s last gasp. However some closer inspections show that it is not either of it. Linux has made steps for itself on the desktop by making it possible to build netbooks at lower costs while Windows 7 would surely enjoy the market positions and impress their existing Windows users even more.

You can just find out how Windows 7 and the desktop breeds of Linux shape up against themselves while knowing what is coming before from both sides. This is however not in an intention to downgrade either Linux or Windows 7 but only an exercise to find out what each does in particular categories.

Firstly, as most people generally purchase computers preloaded with Windows is because they don’t have to deal with the entire process of installing the OS and the same goes to machines that come preloaded with Linux. However people trying the new Windows 7 and those installing Linux on their existing computer have to go through entire installation process in some way. The installation process of Windows 7 can be familiar to those who have already installed and used vista as it requires a few setup choices and is much faster than XP. Windows 7 however insists to be the first OS on the system. Therefore if you need a dual boot system you will still require installing varieties of Windows and then Linux or else you will have to repair one to get the other boot.

One thing that Windows has incrementally added over time is their better pre-booth support environment. You can actually boot the installation DVD to bring up command consoles to perform a small division of admin of admin functions while also performing a full system image recovery. However installing Linux will be half the struggle and the process has also become much easier. Ubuntu also gives you the option to run straight from an existing Windows partition with just a few performance hit. There is also another positive change on how the hit rate for hardware detection has increased with each successive release. Additionally the other great thing that Linux still continues to offer in this regards and which Windows still seems unable to offer because of their architectural limitations is the live USB or the live CD drive. When you boot it you would have a full blown copy of the operating system along with the biggest hindrance being in the transfer speed of boot media. This is only possible in Windows with its great deal of acrobatics but in Linux it is a natural thing.

FUD hurts Microsoft

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

You might want to find out whether Windows 7 contains more DRM than Windows Vista or does windows 7 limit the audio recording capabilities or does it limit you from running a cracked application and open the firewall specifically for the application to find out if they are cracked or not. The answers are positive according to the skimp and badly post written on Slashdot as the Slashdot team tore of the front-page item apart. The post had been titled as Draconian DRM revealed in Windows 7 and it as written by a user who had apparently discovered the instances of DRM the new Windows 7. It had only taken three seconds of looking at the new item which led several Slashdot readers to recognize that the post was sheer nonsense. Therefore the Slashdot crowd had to destroy it entirely.The DRM of Windows 7 supposedly prevented its users from cracking Photoshop program. The user had installed Photoshop CS4 program on the new Windows 7 and further went to mess up with one of the Nag DLLs in the application. The user simply replaced the DLL with the cracked version and was surprised to find Photoshop no longer working. Additionally the user was also astonished how Photoshop had added itself into the exception list of firewall. The user further went on about Windows 7 locking him out of Local settings folder.

You can just have a step by step look at the process and consequences. So firstly, messing up with DLLs is dangerous and difficult for a reason. Several types of malware use DLLs to destroy your system. There are several schemes of protection put in, to prevent this from happening. Therefore replacing a functioning DLL with the cracked one would basically ask for trouble. Additionally, Photoshop adding itself to firewall list is no more a latest news. Photoshop installer is basically run as an administrator application and so just like other applications it also adds a firewall exception to its list. The other thing about local settings folder is also appealing which clearly shows lack of knowledge in Windows as both Windows 7 and Windows Vista don’t have local settings folder. It is in the AppDataLocak and the previous local settings folder is NTFS junction in the newer versions of windows.

The user then moves to the audio capabilities of windows 7 as with Windows XP you have options to select Stereo Mix or much similar under the audio recording inputs which captures any program which is entirely true. The default drivers in windows 7 are limited in functionality so that official drivers from manufacturers can continuously offer new added value. Additionally, the stereo mix features is basically a part of the official drivers which were not installed by the user. Therefore if you need to know what DRM windows 7 has then you will be surprised to learn that the OS does not carry any DRM like Vista and as all the Vista users know that DRM is immaterial.

Microsoft Windows7 beta and Vista SP2 coming

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Although Microsoft had officially announced the updates for their Windows 7 Beta version, there are several web sites reporting about the release of Vista Services Pack 2 updates from Microsoft which is also for the Windows Server 2008. This Vista Service Pack 2 updates or SP2 will not just update or enhance the software and hardware aspects of the operating system but they would also tweak a few Windows enterprise features.

Microsoft Corp had officially announced a few updates to their new Windows 7 Beta version even though there were several websites which declared this concern of Release Candidate Built of the Service Pack 2 for their Windows Vista and for Windows Server 2008. The updates to their new Windows 7 Beta version are subject to start on the 24th of Feb 2009. There have been five updates planned on this date. However these updates would neither offer any new features nor would they fix any existing issues or help in enhancing user experience.

There was a post sin the Microsoft Update Product Team Blog said that the team at Microsoft typically verifies these update scenarios during a Beta version and so releasing these test updates basically helps them to ensure that when they want to release real updates the entire process would run smoothly. It also said that these updates would help in testing the servicing infrastructure in Window 7. Microsoft has been continuously tweaking their new Windows 7 Beta version including a number of high-end security fixes.

The new Windows 7 operating system of Microsoft has been declared as an improvement over their much maligned windows vista as it includes some new features which would likely appeal to the enterprise users which includes DirectAccess VPN replacement technology and BranchCache file caching features. However on the other hand there are a number of web sites reporting to the Microsoft Connect testers of Windows, has issued the Release Candidate built for Windows Server 2008 and 6002.16670.090130of Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista.

However according to the Ars Technica web site, new windows Vista Service Pack 2 would help in enhancing some certain aspects of its hardware ecosystem. This can include the Wi-Fi performance and ability to record data to its Blu-Ray system. Apart from this the new Windows Vista Service Pack 2 would also update the operating system experience while adding new features such as the addition of registry key which lets the user to adjust according to the number of open TCP connections. Additionally the Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2, on the other hand will also provide a few tweaks for the enterprise. This would include a boast in the authentication options when using WebDAV redirector and the Hyper-V integrated in the windows server 2008. Apart from this as it was reported, the new Windows Vista Service Pack 2 would also add in 691 hotfixes.

What do you need to know about the Windows 7 versions

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Even though the prices and the launch date of the Windows 7 OS are yet to be revealed, the company has provided some documents which describe about the different version of Windows. This disclosure lets the company take various steps forward to finding out what is expected to be with its late 2009 release. However, they have recently announced their first version of Windows 7 and there are several details about this new operating system you need to understand.

The different new versions include Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate , Windows 7 Enterprise and here the Windows 7 home basic will also sold but just for the emerging markets. There are several emerging markets if you count as you can think of Africa, Sough America, the Middle East and even the island nations.

Why six versions of Windows 7

There could actually be more versions but Microsoft is still bound under the 2004 EU ruling in order to deliver the N version to EU without windows Media Player. The fact is that what people guess is that there will only be a single Windows 7 N SKU version to ship to the EU customers, making it a total seven versions. However, according Microsoft these new Windows 7 versions try to hit a balance between the complexity and what the customer might actually want. According to them, after having a customer base of more than a million, just two different options might not satisfy all the varied requirements. Therefore, due to this reason they would still continue to provide some few targeted SKUs for the customers having specialized needs.

What version should you buy?

The consumers would only be able to purchase either the Windows 7 professional or Windows 7 Home Premium at retail and intentionally so as Microsoft is trying to limit consumer confusion by just putting two versions before them. Therefore the Windows 7 Ultimate would be available on both the discs and it will require the user to undergo the upgrade process either offline of online in order to access them. Apart from the Windows 7 Starter version all the other versions will be available in either 64-bit or 32-bit versions. You should also note that Microsoft sees this progression as good better and best development where the Home Basis is much better than the Starter while Home Premium is again better than the Home Basics. The other Windows 7 Professional is however positioned as the step up for Home Premium while the Ultimate and Enterprise editions would be the premium Windows 7 offers.

The shipping date and cost

The shipping date is still uncovered but it is estimated that Microsoft would start making their Windows 7 by the end of 2009 and there is still no word whether Vista would be discontinued or not. Apart from the cost of the versions is also not disclosed by Microsoft which might be done soon.

Vista be left in the dust?

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

There will be several operating systems you can see throughout this year. Apple has new plans to release its new version for Macintosh system while Palm also plans to give out an all new smart phone OS. However the new release that would affect more users compared to any other would be windows 7 operating system which is a major edition in the dominant platform of Microsoft.

Microsoft has officially not announced the release date for their new windows 7 operating system but it would probably not be available to consumers until autumn. However the company has recently released their first public test or beta version of the software and most users have already tried it out on their laptops. Although there cannot be given a full review about the software, you can however go through the preview of some of the interesting features of this new windows 7 operating system.

Most of the people have found that windows 7 operating system is pleasurable to use. Although there might be a few drawbacks, maximum of its users have positive opinion about the operating system. However when you use windows 7 system in its beta version you will find that some of its features are imperfect or incomplete, but it is surely much better than using windows vista whose lethargy, its incompatibilities and its annoying nag screens that have caused several users never turn back to it. Additionally it is also a serious competitor in its features and ease of usage, with the current new operating system of Apple.

However with most respects the new system of Microsoft is not a radical shift from vista, rather it is more of an attempt to fix all the main flaws of vista. The new windows 7 operating system shared the same core architecture and also retains graphical touches much like the translucent windows boarders. Something different here is that the operating system has introduced some major new navigation features and easy to use features including some scores of performance improvements and small usability.

Although your current or future computer might lack touch screen features, the windows 7 OS would surely offer you plenty of other benefits. The most important benefit here would be its speed as even when using windows 7 beta version it is dramatically faster compared to vista with tasks like starting up of computer, launching new programs and waking it from sleep. This speed boast was not only apparent in the preconfigured machines of Microsoft, but also on other machines that might have previously used vista. However these computer speed gains might be compromised by computer makers if there is lots of junky software added to the machine. The new windows 7 operating system is also more likely to run perfectly on some of the latest hardware configurations of today than vista. Although having much similar looks, windows 7 includes a number of new and easy to use features that let you easily navigate through the programs and files while also a great speed to work efficiently and fast.

Is Windows 7 your Vista alterative?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Most of the Microsoft users barely have a kind word to say about Vista operating system of Microsoft Corp. It has been widely reported that most of the users who had tried using Windows Vista had actually switched back to Windows XP operating system, while there are even millions of users who have not yet tried Windows Vista and are just happy with Windows XP. Therefore you can say that Windows Vista had been a failure, although you might have enjoyed it for several months before moving to some other operating system and never returned back.

However the goal of Microsoft Corp. would be achieved by their new Windows 7 operating system. This system is currently available to be downloaded in beta format from the official website of Microsoft. There are also some major changes in Windows 7 operating system and one of the most notable changes is the tolerance for low powered computers of Windows 7 operating system. It is pretty much clear that when you opt for Microsoft Windows operating system upgrades you will basically need a more powerful computer system, but it is different in case of Windows 7 operating system. Here it would just run perfectly fine on a high specification dual core computer and would be a perfect match if you have an Asus Eee PC. This would directly help in fighting the popularity of an open source operating system similar to Linux OS.

The Windows Vista operating system has not been much harmless for Microsoft users but not profitable either. The shares of the company in a personal computer system market actually fell much below 90 percent during the last year for the first time since they maintained their higher records. However Microsoft has fought back through its recent ad campaign that has also attracted a number of consumers to their new Windows 7 operating system. Although most of the people thought it to be just another type of Vista system, Microsoft would be better off in creating something that it would be ashamed to sell under their name. This is the main goal of Microsoft with their new operating system which is even available as test version. Windows 7 operating system is not like Vista operating system but is more like those extended and developed editions to make a perfect alternative.

Something what most Microsoft users would love is the tolerance of Windows 7 system for relatively low powered hardware systems. The system runs smoothly with Panasonic Toughbook laptop with dual core processor, 2.6 GHz and 2 GB of memory. Most of the notebooks of today either run on modified versions of Linux OS or the aging Windows XP systems of Microsoft. This is because Vista operating system often overpowers standard notebooks that have smaller memory bank and slower processor. This is much different with Windows 7 OS which easily gets along with the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom process or Asus with 1 GB of memory.

Windows 7 seems promising so far

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

The primary windows seven design of Microsoft would surely be singular that would change the negative Windows perceptions that were generated by Windows Vista. With regards to this Microsoft is off to an amazingly strong start with Windows 7. You must have not seen any beta engagements like Windows 7 since the Windows 95 nearly 14 years ago. However Microsoft has effectively engaged enthusiasts during its windows 95 beta which actually launched to what can be said as immense marketing campaign for a new operating system.

However the big question surrounding the new windows 7 is whether it would be a major release or would just be like the revamped Windows Vista. The executives of Microsoft showed off the new windows 7 to the day long series of demos, doing their best to impress the journalists with a long list of improved and advanced features. This seems a great release for windows 7. However when tested over a PC the user might find difficulty using the several new features that are included and the problem here could the machine is running the M3 windows 7 releases which actually locks down some of the features. The new and advanced features of windows 7 can be seem more certainly using the more recent builds like 6933 and 6926 which includes more significant revisions to hub windows features.

So, what’s so impressive about Windows 7? The clearly visible and new features are enhancements which streamline core windows task such as organizing a digital music collection or connecting to a wireless netw3ork. However the new operating system feature are much more than you can think as there are also improvements made to the core components as it includes an innovative method to stream music and other stored media directly to the network that is connected to media players. Some other changes to the windows interface are clearly obvious. The windows explore now features a button which toggles the preview pan off and on, but in Vista you had to dig three levels deeper into the menu to off and on the pan preview. Additionally, the much cooler feature is the new method to maximize, resize and restore a window. You just have to drag the title bar of the window t the top and it would maximize and the same to restore it to its original size and it can also resize itself to fit either side of the screen by dragging the window to any side.At your first glance the desktop of windows 7 does not look much different from other window OS. However the start menu and the taskbar look much like windows vista, but if you again look closely at the desktop of windows 7 you can find some noteworthy changes. Firstly the quick launch bar is removed and they are directly set of the taskbar, where you can directly place program icons to easily access them. Additionally when you just hover your mouse to a button that represents several running windows it would show a strip of thumbnails which can also be maximized by moving over them. Overall most of the common tasks are also greatly simplified in windows 7 which makes it much promising OS.