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Understanding hard driver defragmentation

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Most of the people who have problems accessing their computer files, browsing or surfing the internet or connecting to the internet will generally not be sure about defrag. If you find your computer performance slowly decrease while increase of errors then it is time you use the defrag software.
Understanding the basics of computer defrag is simple which is similar to the working of a human mind. When a computer system is newly purchased it would work at its best to satisfy the user. The computer memory would also start saving data much easily and would instantly provide access to the stored data. However as you keep using your computer system you will find it taking more and more time to store and load new data and information and you also find yourself waiting longer to access your stored data. This can eventually get worse if not action is taken to improve the process. It can actually take just a few months to fragment your system when extensive usage.

The computer files stored on your system actually leave small bits of data along their path and wherever saved. These small bits of information files are important once required for the home file. However these files are generally not essential enough to stop the file or the process fro working properly on their own. Therefore over them these small bits of file information start filling up the routes used by the files on the hard drive to even at some parts of the computer when the user can access a program of file. When these superhighways information is blocked the computer processing unit will also slow down dramatically regardless of how quick or strong it might be.

This compute slowdown will be least at start and the user might not have trouble accessing and saving information files. However if the system is left without a repair for longer time the system can get even slower and can even freeze up most of the programs. This can be stopped from happening as you clear the file routes using the defrag software. This defrag software lets you run a cleaning process in the file routes in your computer. This process would gather up al the small files pieces and these fragmented pieces of files would be returned to the main file from where they originated. When the process if over, all the routes would be clear and your computer programs would again start running quickly and much efficiently.

This defrag software should be run at varying intervals according to the amount of computer usage. For instance, in a call center where computers are used 24 hours the computer fragmentation would just take days. However the best solution is to set your defrag software to automatic mode which will loose file pieces at regular intervals. The fragmentation process at home would take longer but it is still important to use defrag software. The defrag software can be set to scan when the computer is not in use, like at night. Defragging your computer system would generally take two to six hours or even more depending on the level of fragmentation and also on the size of your hard drive.