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ActiveX Errors

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Introduction to ActiveX Control

ActiveX control is a type of software modules created by Microsoft to enable a wide range of functionality to applications, especially for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Web pages utilize ActiveX control to deliver multi-media contents, embed Microsoft Office documents and offer Windows application-like functionality within Internet Explorer.

Causes for ActiveX Control Errors

ActiveX control errors come in two types. The first type of errors is caused by missing ActiveX controls which are needed to support multi-media decoders as required by web pages. In this scenario, you need to download and install a specific ActiveX control codec so that your web browser can function completely. The second type of errors is associated with corrupted installs or incomplete uninstalls of ActiveX or any program that shares common modules, executable files, Dynamic Linking Libraries (DLLs) or other essential program files.

When your PC encounters the second type of ActiveX control errors, a part of your Windows Registry, from where PC retrieves and stores all of its application information, is corrupted and contains erroneous information.

Tips to Fix ActiveX Control Errors

The best solution to fix and put a stop to ActiveX control errors is to always maintain a clean and optimized Windows Registry. Registry cleaning and optimization can be conducted manually by advanced and knowledgeable PC users and professional computer technicians. Nevertheless, if you are a normal PC user, we recommend you do not edit your Windows Registry manually as the complexity of such task and the cost of mishandling Windows Registry cleaning can ’t be underestimated.

The most effective, secure and feasible way to completely eliminate ActiveX errors is to use a reputable and trustworthy Windows Registry cleaning and optimization software such as RegCure.