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Windows Media Player

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Introduction to Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a digital media player and management software developed by Microsoft to allow Windows users to play digital media including MP3s, movies, and Internet radios. Windows Media Player is seamlessly integrated in to Windows Operating Systems and thus it allows Windows users to access all of its features without having to install the software.

Causes for Windows Media Player Errors

To function properly, Windows Media Player relies on several key components like music and video codecs, audio and video device drivers, commonly shared DLLs and some other external Windows applications. Windows Media Player will stop working properly if it encounters missing or improperly installed codecs, corrupted media files, damaged or out-of-date DLLs, and all other empty or erroneous data provided by the Windows Registry. Most of these issue can cuase Windows Media Player to crash and even freeze your PC.

Tips to Fix Windows Media Player Errors

Although in general, you need to keep your Windows and software patches up to date in order to avoid Windows Media Player errors caused by programming quality issues, the best solution to fix and put a stop to Windows Media Player errors is to always maintain a clean and optimized Windows Registry, which contains nothing but registry keys and values that are absolutely necessary and correct for the Windows operating system and legitimately installed applications.

The most effective, secure and feasible way to completely eliminate Windows Media Player errors is to use a reputable and trustworthy PC optimization software such as RegCure.