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Flash Player and common Errors

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

An Introduction to Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player is a widely distributed multimedia and application player created by Macromedia (a division of Adobe Systems). Flash Player decodes and displays audio and video content compressed into .SWF files created by Flash authoring tools. Flash Player also supports ActionScript (AS) that can be embedded with Flash files to enable interactions between viewers and Flash Player. As Flash Player is either built into or available as a plugin for most popular browsers like IE and Firefox, Flash is a popular format for online games, animations, and application interfaces embedded into web pages.

What are Causing Flash Player Errors?

Providing interactive multimedia experience is a complex task as Flash Flayer has to rely on many external components, hosting browsers and Windows operating systems to function properly. Corrupted installations or incomplete un-installations of components damage the stability of Flash Player and cause it to crash. Also, file type association of .SWF files managed by the Windows Registry can be overwritten or damaged so that Flash Player executes incompatible files rather than native Flash files. Furthermore, damaged or out-of-date hardware device drivers supporting both audio and video peripherals force Flash Players to use erroneous sub-components when playing back Flash files. Finally, improper references offered by the Windows Registry for both audio and video codecs also endanger the stability of Flash Players.

Tips to Eliminate Flash Player Errors?

Although in general, you need to keep both your Windows and Flash Player patches up to date in order to avoid Flash Player errors caused by programming quality issues, the best solution to fix and put a stop to Flash Player errors is to always maintain a clean and optimized Windows Registry, which contains nothing but registry keys and values that are absolutely necessary and correct for the Windows operating system and legitimately installed applications.

The most effective, secure and feasible way to completely eliminate Flash Player errors is to use a reputable and trustworthy PC optimization software such as RegCure.