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PC turns 40 years old

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Obviously, it is 40 years today for the first personal computer that was introduced on 8th of December 1968 in San Francisco. It is really sad to see how many of them did really know this, the great invention which has actually changed the way people look at their daily lives and even the ability of solving several problems quickly. This weird old device did boast the manual movement equipment famously known as the little mouse and an interactive screen. I am still amazed why people call this minute little device the mouse, most probably due to its shape and its connection with the wire which looks like a cute little tail.     


Does anyone know that the inventor of personal computer Douglas Engelbart from the Stanford Research Center staged a public demonstration which was witnessed by thousands of people? On that day, many people came across windows, mouse, and hypermedia with addressing & object linking with video conferencing for the very first time. Engelbart was praised by everyone and in the year 1997 he was awarded the Lemelson MT Award of 500,000 dollars which is said to be the single largest price money in the entire world for innovation and invention. And again in the next year Douglas Engelbarts name was included in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.    


However, in the year 1968 when Douglas demonstrated on how the personal computer users who perhaps had to compulsory have training even before touching this mammoth device, could edit graphics and text on their computer screen. This presentation even offered a preview of several upcoming personal computer networks which would later become internet.  The personal computer initially raised hopes for many people to solve several major quandaries on how to navigate worlds quickly increasing and accumulating complicated levels of information. This demonstration was something different which no one dared to dream or think about the latest Apple and Microsoft.


Even though Douglas Engelbart has not actually achieved much of fame like Bill Gates his philosophical influence is widely known in this particular field. The 1969 personal computer demonstration at the Conference in San Francisco held at the Civic Convention Center featured Douglas Engelbart in a short sleeved shirt and a matching tie as his computer work station standing in front of a huge video screen. This may really seem old-fashioned and tame for the new generation of today that is familiar to the higher technical special effects of the modern day.


However, at the time when these personal computers were hyped, calculators almost the size of a car that operated on punch cards was really mind blowing. Bill, English, the man who invented the first mouse in the year 1964, said that it was really surprising to see the standing ovation which Douglas Engelbart received on the occasion of the introduction of the personal computer on the 8th of December 1968. It was the animating visions of Engelbart to seek advanced access to quickly expanding stores of human information and knowledge actually appealed Bob Taylor. It is even seen that the entire success of Engelbart was established on his abilities to encourage his co-workers.        

Wanna FREE laptop?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

It is definitely one of the biggest surprises that in this new generation’s financial condition, one of the fast-growing personal computer markets is the free laptop. Most of the free laptop deals with mobile broadband are increasing in fame at a very inspiring rate, challenging the financial crashes. Back in the mobile broadband and laptop deals were said to be accounting nearly 30 percent of all the broadband sales. They are at present trying to overcome the separate mobile broadband transactions by the end of this year. Certainly, with bundles of broadband nothing is even entirely free however broadband laptop transactions are one of the best methods to bag a new branded laptop model without a debit or credit payment.           

Certainly, there are several added benefits of being able to use internet while you are on a move. You will unavoidably pay a huge sum of monthly subscription for a particular broadband laptop transaction instead of only a USB dongle. Perhaps, you will also have minimum subscription of just 18 months however after some time the laptop will be entirely yours. Actually, broadband bundles are becoming cheaper alternatives for many customers who look for cheap broadband packages along with some added services. At present, just few broadband operators are offering free laptops even though it is worth to check the entire list regularly in order to ensure you are well-informed on the contract length, model of the free laptop, downloading speed and the subscription price.            

Orange is the new operator that has entered the broadband market and with this the there has been a huge reduction in the monthly subscription prices for a 24 month broadband contract. It has come up to 24.47 pounds per month along with a free Eee PC Laptop which has proved to be a winner with almost all the subscribers. Even providers have awarded Eee PC laptops the top rank in the customer service after an in-depth report which was commissioned by the consulting organization and the independent research. 3 Mobile also has a strong hold over the broadband laptop market with a combination of various attractive packages which vary in price, contract length and downloading limits.

Besides that Vodafone has also started to offer laptop and broadband bundles even though its system is entirely different. As an alternative of handling separate USB dongles to connect the internet while on the move its broadband comes with an in-built to the personal computer. In the near future, you are sure to see lot more changes in these offers which are available at present. Some of the biggest mobile service operators, Chipmakers and even personal computer manufacturers of the world revealed that they are going to unite and pre-install a higher speed mobile information service into their notebook personal computers.              

Some of those who took part in the joint-venture revealed that they are hopping include broadband laptops which will prove to be so famous that it will equal the usage of Wi-Fi hotspots. But till then, the basic broadband laptops transactions appear to be playing the trick with all the consumers just like some of the people commented on this topic. They said that since the launch of these broadband laptop transactions they have seen considerable growth in their monthly sales and have predicted that these transactions will increase by the coming Christmas.

Speedup Your PC with 5 Maintenance Tasks

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

If you feel like your computer is slower than usual, then one of the reasons may be due to the disorganization of the files or if the resources are used up by some software. The operating system will have tools which can be used for cleaning up the computer and also help in enhancing the performance of the computer. There are some basic steps which can be implemented if your computer has started running a little bit slow. It will help you in tuning the computer which runs on Windows or even Vista. Before you start using them make sure that you create a backup which will help you to save important files if anything goes wrong.  

Removing the unnecessary files


Removing all the unused programs is the first step which means removing all the unwanted files. The programs will consume a lot of space on the computer and it will run in the background without you knowing. It is important that you remove all these files which will help in the restoration of the computers performance. The speed will also increase if you have a lot free space as it will help in the proper functioning of the programs.


Installing anti spyware software


A lot of programs can be removed with the help of the programs of ‘Add or Remove’ which could be accessible through the control panel. These spyware programs are very efficient and will scan the whole computer. These programs will help in the detection of any unwanted programs. You should install this software into your computer which will help you in the detection of any spyware which has been installed into your computer.


Free up the wasted space


You should remove all those unwanted programs which are not being used for making disk space in your computer. It will help in improving the speed of the computer and improved performance. The tools for disk cleanup will help you to find all the unwanted programs which can be deleted. You can run these programs in the properties option which can be found in the local disk of my computer. The cleanup will take a little while for scanning through the whole computer. A dialog box will start appearing when you choose the disk cleaning tool. After the cleanup you will have some extra space which will help in giving you extra space.   


Defragment the computer


The computer will have both fragmented and unfragmented. The fragmented files will take more time to be read compared to the defragmented files. The computer will go through different sections in the fragmented files. Performing a defragmentation will help you to improve the performance by the reorganization of the files. Fragmentation looks like a very complicated process but it is an easy process which will help in improving the performance of the computer.


Disconnect all the unused networks


This will help in better response by the computer and you will have better speed on your computer.

Vista is, after all, still loved by someone

Friday, November 28th, 2008

It was actually very hard for Windows Vista of Microsoft to perform in the market but although there have been a number of negative perceptions about this operating system right from its release the recent data and encouraging customer feedback shows that there are still people who consider Windows Vista is a better operating system. The recent intelligence report of Microsoft clearly shows that Windows Vista has proved to be more resistant to the exploits compared to Windows XP during 2008′s first half. Additionally Microsoft blogger’s expert also ran some numbers to state that vista includes a security edge compared to Windows XP.

There was another security report from Microsoft Security Technology Unit which stated that Windows Vista had been affected by just fifty percent and less vulnerability compared to other desktop operating systems for the year 2008 and additionally it also have 19 percent less vulnerability compared to Windows XP SP2 for the same year. Therefore, with the security reports from Microsoft advertising their own operating system met with an endless debate about the metrics that are used to crown Windows Vista as the most secure operating system. However, most of the IT professionals who have upgraded to this operating system is mainly due to its high end security over Windows XP.

Better Security and Better Search from Windows Vista


Search and security are the two key feature that you can benefit from Windows Vista operating system. The post operation rehabilitation service in Waukesha named as Kinex Medical Center has also claimed that they have recently installed Windows Vista on 90 of their desktop computers and on 22 laptops and they are currently in the process of installing and using Windows Vista for nearly 170 tablet computers. The direct of this rehabilitation service said that the security features that are built in the Windows Vista’s security center and also the User Account Control or UAC has proved to be very effective in protecting the desktops of their users. They say that by using Windows Vista they can keep all the unwanted configurations and software out of reach without the need for any third party tools and that too with less effort compared to the previous versions of Microsoft Windows. The main reason for using Windows Vista is that it makes it easier to find patient data as the search capabilities included in the operating system are more users friendly and also much faster compared to that included in Windows XP.

The ability of Windows Vista to search for files, pieces of data or any application whether it is in network shares or email or on any local drive of the computer has provided people to be much efficient. However they are also not resistant to the negative sides of using Windows Vista as this operating system lacks testing and education by users. This does not mean it is not popularly used as there are several plus points it holds. If you just take any item it will have good points and also bad points and the key for any business is to do proper testing to find out if the operating system is beneficial for their business.

Mac or PC, Which One Are You Going to Choose

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Mac or Windows? This is, in fact, the question coming in to the minds of thousands of people these days. With every commercial and the other advertisement having enticed people for having bought computer with some sort of operating system, several users go on contemplating, which, in actual sense, proves of being much better. There’re loads of OS, i.e. operating systems which range between Windows and Linux that can be used by users, with each operating system having its pros and cons. many people prefer having computers with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, UNIX is also used while having worked at ‘State Farm’. 

These days, users of operating system have been privileged enough to use something drastically different in comparison with the past. Computers, when having created at first, did not have anything called operating systems for functioning and multitasking. You might be surprised to know that the 1st ever operating system to come in to existence was ‘UNIX’, in the year 1969. Later on, Windows went on to follow with ‘Dos-OS’ in the year 1981. Besides, Apple went on to release Mac OS in the year 1984. Linux can be referred to as a derivative of UNIX. It was 1st created in the year 1991.


The operating systems mentioned above are the main ones made use of by businesses as well as individuals. From the survey carried out off late, you would get convinced that even now; Windows is being most broadly used OS. If you, however, look back, you would be apprised of the fact that trends of OSs are changing. Past years have shown that market share of Windows is decreasing by small percentages whereas that of Linux and Mac are increasing a bit. This can be attributed to the fact that there are loads of choices available to users.


Companies and organizations might have diverse kinds of ‘operating systems’. Based on job functions and sizes of company, several diverse operating systems can be made use of. Along lines of the thing which is extremely popular, a lot of schools make use of Windows. In fact, right now, they have started using Mac for teaching students.


Every exclusive operating system is bound to have its negatives and positives. In reality, Windows: this is the most renowned operating system, costs hefty fee, as far as ownership is concerned. Such a thing can prove of being a burden with respect to users. Windows, however, has the greatest compatibility. This can be evident from a wide spectrum of kinds of computer. It has a large selection of softwares which are compatible (with it). For running Mac OS, Mac computer is needed. Anything of this sort can prove to be annoying as in this case; user is required to have paid for the computer costing much more as compared to operating system. Mac has another disadvantage: It’s nothing but its non-compatibility with certain softwares. User always needs of having made sure that he/she has software that is Mac compatible.

Google Provides Recall Function for GMail

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Google seems to have added a novel feature to ‘Gmail labs’ which tries of having made sure that you’re in proper state of the mind prior to having sent messages- especially useful when you might have had excess of drinks, and would be sending an email which would certainly be embarrassing had you done it in a sober way. This is done by having asked you of solving mathematical problem prior to being permitted of sending messages at the time of hours which you’re likely of being ‘not quite right’.You can have this feature enabled by having clicked on beaker at top of Gmail. Thereafter, ‘Mail Goggles’ can be enabled. After having done that, you are entitled of changing number of times it would intervene in the general settings. This is one of the most interesting features which some people would certainly make use of. In fact, certain people want Google to have the sent mail delayed for around 15-30 seconds, in order to find appropriate time for having hit ‘undo’ if something bad is being recognized immediately. One of the options of having turned delay of this kind would prove of being a big step here.

Google has launched ‘labs project’ as well. It is designed to facilitate detection of missing attachments. Moreover, Google is being allowing people to have profiles created for quite some time now. Till today, public profile created by you was remaining hidden with respect to search engines. However, this won’t be the case now.

On 15th of October, 2008 Google went on to add a novel line in to their ‘robots.txt’ file that makes every profile of such type. You can make at least 50000 profiles out of this line. All of these profiles would be crawl able by the search engines. This new-fangled entry has told search engines of having used the following site as sitemap.

In this file, thirty static files can be seen. Every file amongst these goes on to contain an entire slew of the URLs to the public files. Now, you just need to wait and watch- the time taken by these files for having shown up in the search results of Google. Not only that, you are also required of having a look at these profiles! As per the experts, Google would be creating an exclusive OneBox for showing ‘people results’ at certain point.Nobody has been able to study the human mind as yet. It might happen that at times the messages would get sent in the feat of excitement. Thereafter, you won’t even get the chance to regret. However, now, you would not have to repent for having sent an improper message. Google has provided with the facility of enabling ‘Mail Goggles’. This is actually a service which checks your mind. In other words, it provides a check on your certainty to send messages. Cool going! Mail Goggles would surely be the talk of world in the days to come.

Are We Becoming Less Secured?

Monday, November 10th, 2008

As majority of you are aware of the fact that anti-Midas touch with regards to financial crisis has been spreading to technology sector. One amongst the biggest VC funds present in ‘Silicon Valley’, i.e. Sequoia capital has given a presentation stating that ‘Go on to become profitable right now, or else, go home’. At the time of last bust, security appeared of being counter-cyclical with @Stake, Guardent, SecurityFocus, and loads either starting or acquiring during downturn. Most of the security bloggers/analysts believe that the present scenario is, by all means, different. This field would be experiencing identical cutbacks which we would see through wider tech industry, albeit in a less severe manner.  

Security spending would not come to the halt. Every person would always require anti-virus packages and spam filters. What the common man expects is, however, more technology innovation and less products, which provide just marginal improvements in terms of security within the next few months or years. No one would be ready of shelling out money from his/her pocket for a novel ‘database security solution’, especially when UTM can just be capable of keeping ‘web compromises’ down. Any person wishing of having pushed a new-fangled product forward is advised to solve any of the pre-existing problems in a well-established market more effectively as well as at the lower cost instead of giving their competitors a chance to surpass them.


Such a thing cannot be termed as bad news, as though. Attackers would be having a golden time with downturn. Limited resources would mean that machined would be staying online for longer duration. Moreover, reduced staffing would mean that they would remain unpatched for longer intervals. The ‘home users’ would stretch their budgets further, thereby having replaced an ‘ideally fine computer’ to be the last on the list. Problems regarding distributed attack are expected. These problems would include spam having driven by the bots, in order to continue to have increased as an outcome.


Bottom line message is that people would be forced to have focused on fundamentals, along with having dispensed with processes and products which do not keep them secure. People are advised of having kept only the products which do so, that too, with present hardware and minimum with regards to human oversight. In fact, as per the opinion of experts, IT security has nothing to do with technology. There’re loads of good stuff which can be done with worthwhile and sensible technology, guarding parameters, installing systems, repulsing the attackers, and having identified users as ‘login’ takes place from their side. However, this isn’t what actually matters. In reality, it’s the type of policies for having ensured that technology, in actual sense, gets used that matters.


If you do not have thought-out policy, thousands might be spent in having blocked up the ‘gap’ with regards to security. The other gaps can be left wide open. The worst part would be that without a concrete policy, the staff would not understand reasons behind security measures. It might then, deliberately or accidentally, side-step or break them.

Is Vista going to die soon?

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

‘I’m a Mac’ commercials have been played by Apple for the last 3-4 years. In fact, they are the most awaited commercials till date. However, when Bill Gates ultimately launched an advertising campaign for countering it, Apple went on to become more aggressive. Microsoft is, to everyone’s surprise, has been over-spending loads of money with regards to advertising instead of actually having fixed problems related to Vista. This goes to show that they are burning their boats with their own hands. 

It’s really difficult to have found news relating to Windows Vista in future. These days, all the news, as far as Microsoft is concerned, seems to be related to Windows 7. As there are people not having gotten the chance of playing with pre-beta versions, reviews and promised features need to be obtained from the ones actively using it. The common man hardly knows benefits of having used Windows 7 in place of Windows Vista. As of now, better reliability, better performance, multi-touch, and OS X-like task bar are the only features which have been promised.


Now, let some light be thrown on the declaration that better reliability and better performance is being offered. Right now, it is being hoped of being a step ahead as compared to its previous versions. Anyways, no other operating system advertisement has been found saying that it wasn’t the quickest and the most reliable. After all, every company would think and promote about its product of being the finest. The finest performance boost that is being heard with regards to Windows 7 is that it would not render ‘application windows’ while window not getting displayed in actual sense. In fact, such a feature should have been added with Vista’s first release. Right now, it can be termed as ‘pay-for upgrade’.


As per Microsoft, Windows 7 should possess novel taskbar which would act like dock in ‘OS X’. Such a thing is quite similar to ‘Stacks’ feature available with Apple. Moreover, this feature is found in ‘Quick Launch’ menu found in Windows’ older versions. However, Windows 7 is reported of having certain extra features. Some people do not toe the line with feature of ‘start menu’. Hence, it is, by all means, the most welcome feature.


The huge novel killer feature which is much spoken about by Microsoft is its new-fangled multi-touch technology. This technology is seen in numerous products, such as Microsoft (Surface), MacBooks, iPhone, etc. Windows Tablet Edition of Microsoft has been in to market since many years, along with being a leader with respect to built-in input on the notebooks. Multi-touch technology, in spite of being an essential feature, is a bit boring development.


Now, if you have a look at advantages of Windows 7 over Windows Vista, it would be observed that it is a ‘pay-for feature’ which would be better suited as ‘service pack’. Marketing department of Microsoft, however, has gone ahead with having made it appear like killer novel OS, like Apple.

Your next laptop is neither PC nor Mac

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

In January 2009, HP would introduce a shiny black ‘mini-laptop’. This laptop has been designed keeping the budget of the common man in mind. This is evident from the fact that its price would be mere $379. After this mini-laptop hits the market, there would be a lot to see. Firstly, it would become the 1st main maker of computer this decade (apart from Apple) for pushing non-Windows personal computer in stores. 

The above-mentioned Linux-based HP mini-1000 would definitely not slay MSFT, i.e. Microsoft Windows. However, it would go on to add to growing sense which would state that iconic OS’s finest days are its backbone. Since the demand for personal computer increased, prior to meeting Google and YouTube, DSL, and cable- Microsoft Windows is being running the show quite successfully. In fact, people have become used to their ‘Microsoft-controlled existence’ to such an extent that pranks about ‘Blue Screen of Death’ and ‘Start menu’ have moved ahead with having become a part and parcel of national conversation. The Mac v/s PC commercial delivered by Apple is swinging the popularity charts day by day. The main reason behind its popularity is that viewers get very well connected with the PC guy. In fact, Apple should be complemented for its effort. It knows the way to play on the nerves of the customer.


In today’s world, proof has been mounting that dominance of Microsoft with regards to computing is not what it was some years back. It is not only ‘Windows Vista flop’ or those ineffective commercials, either. Mac OS from Apple is slowly catching hold of the market from HP, Windows, and Dell. The fact that world’s biggest PC makers have been investing in larger software teams (home-grown) for performing the task once left by them to Microsoft cannot be ignored.


If you have a look at high-growth markets related to computing, that too, for low-cost mini-laptops and smartphones, you would observe the shift of being more striking. Smartphones which are the most reputable ones as well as those from Apple do not run Windows. Moreover, > 35% of mini-laptops of today perform the task of running an operating system which is not based on Windows.


Let the Linux-based edition of HP Mini 1000 be considered. This product as such doesn’t pose any threat to ‘Windows’. HP has said that it has planned to have it priced at $20 less than XP version of Windows which is not as cheap as giving up Windows programs. However, more vital is signal sent by product. This is the issue on which HP is competing with Microsoft right now.


If you happen to look at the products which are the most successful ones as far as electronics industry is concerned, software goes to play a significant role. This statement has, of course, been uttered by Kevin Frost, i.e. GM of ‘consumer notebooks’ section of HP. He had been diplomatic enough to state that HP embracing Linux should not be considered as slap to Microsoft.

TiVo Touching New Heights

Friday, October 31st, 2008

The new TiVo HD XL is great equipment that can record HD programs continuously while playing another program. It has a storage capacity of almost 1TB and the memory is expandable which is an added advantage. The additional features include connection of cable TV and other air signals, skipping commercials and also a very simple user interface. It has networking features like internet browsing and also home networking that allows downloads of TiVo cast videos. The recordings can be transferred to the PC through portable devices. It can be downloaded and viewed with the help of digital file formats and also network PCs. It has a lot of space that can be used for storage of recordings and also comes with a THX certification. It meets the industry standards and is expected to redefine the method of TV viewing. TiVo HD XL uses air antenna broadcasting and it cannot receive signals from dish network or direct TV. TiVo HD XL also uses the switched video technology that is used to improve the bandwidth length that will help in achieving more HD channels. SDV technology is incompatible and comes with an add on accessory known as SDV tuning resolver.


TiVo HD XL does not have the option of accessing any interactive features that are offered by the cable providers. TiVo HD XL also disallows access to any online video content of mason Unbox. TiVo HD XL will offer SDV channels, pay per view contents, and also the videos on demand. It also has a cable card technology that gives you the option of selecting the required item. TiVo HD XL is mainly used for the playback of TV shows and has a DVR recorder. The whole thing has been commoditized by the cable TV providers. It comes with a dual cable card slot and installing the cards will help you with the process of recording. You will have the option to toggle back between tuners by hitting live TV button. TV signals with high definition can be recorded through antenna hookup.


TiVo HD XL helps in the buffering of live TV programs. You can pause or even rewind the program that you are watching. It also has the option of a 30 second skip that helps you to skip the commercial breaks. This feature is not available in any other DVRs.  EPG or electronic program guide is available that helps you with configuration and customization of the program schedules. You can get the guide for 14 days forward and it will be displayed as standard grid or even split screen. Pass function feature helps you to record all the episodes of a show using the parameter settings. It allows you to record the episode during the primetime. This function is available with almost all DVR services. There is also not the risk of recording the same episode twice. The guide list will be accurate and also with all the episode data. TiVo HD XL is a great set that has a lot of options that helps in making TV viewing more enjoyable.